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On the Unification of Physics and the Elimination of Unbound Quantities

Shpëtim Nazarko, Independent Researcher- Tirana, Albania


It is known that in the initial process of knowledge, we have encountered projections of complex laws. Then we sought, through these projections represented by laws of a lower form such as force and momentum, to go to the complex laws. The difficulty, expressed figuratively, lies in the attempt to seek the number of leaves that produced the shadow of a tree from its shadow. The initial effort to solve the problem is initiated by Newton, who presents the projections of complex laws in a postulated form, then Einstein modifies them in the Special Theory of Relativity. The article presents the idea that these laws are derived from the law of energy conservation. The idea that force is derived from energy shows that it exists even when the object is at rest. A conclusion that is simply seen in Coulomb's electrostatic force or Newton's gravitational force. The object at rest reflects the minimal energy state. It is mirrored by the classical radius for objects up to the mass of Planck or the Schwarzschild radius for objects with a mass above it. The minimal energy state of the object is multiplied up to the maximum, where it reaches dimensions corresponding to those of Planck's length. From here, by exploiting the law of force propagation with the inverse of the square of the distance, we can find the value of the force wherever we want. This leads to the conclusion that eliminates the differences between the forces of nature by unifying them into one. The presentation also expresses the quantum character of energy. It removes from the scene the concepts of charge, electrostatic force, and gravitational constant, considering them as achievements of a time when we built theoretical physics through the laws of a simpler form. The achievement is ensured by introducing Sommerfeld's fine structure constant. The article presents a concept that, based on the quantum character of energy, should easily lead to the theory that expresses the quantum character of gravity.


Unification of Physics, Unbounded Quantities, Energy as a Constant Quantity, Exposed and Unexposed Energy, Lorentz Factor, Law of Energy Conservation, Energy Transformation, Force as a Derivative of Energy, Quantum Gravitation, Principle of Energy Conservation, Elimination of Charge and Gravitational Constant Concepts, New Model Based on Energy, Unification of Forces of Nature, Quantum Character of Energy, Energy State and Maximum Radius.

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